Project 1 – Student Bio

Project 1 – Student Bio Website


Use the basics of HTML to make a personal website.


  • You must code this assignment entirely in HTML
  • Use TextWrangler or another text editor to insert the proper HTML tags
  • Use appropriate headings to structure each of your pages
  • Site must have a total of at least four (4) pages
  • The home page (index.html) will serve as a personal bio page which includes an image of yourself
  • One page must be an assignments page (assignments.html) that will link to future projects
  • Have appropriate content on each page. All pages must have at least three (3) paragraphs of content (except assignments page)
  • Decide on an appropriate navigation strategy. You can use text links in a list.
  • Include at least one (1) list other than the navigation
  • Include at least one (1) photo on each page of your website (except assignments page)
  • Include at least one (1) table on your site
  • Include at least three (3) external links on your site. These external links must open in new tabs (target=“_blank”)
  • Include your email address somewhere on the site
  • Add the date to the bottom of the home page. Update this every time you make a change
  • Make sure you save all pages with the .html extension and that all file names are lowercase and do not include any spaces 
    (index.html, contact.html, mypic.jpg)
  • Upload all files to your website using Fetch or other FTP client

Publishing Project Files

  • Sign on to Fetch and open the public_html folder
  • Once in public_html, upload your HTML files and images
  • Your project 1 should show up when you go to your main website

Submitting Assignment

  • Sign into TRACS and go to your Drop Box
  • Click on “Add” and then “Add Web Links (URLs)”
  • Add your website URL in the following format:
  • Put Project 1 for the Website Name

Due: Sunday, February 10

Rubric: Download