Welcome to Web Design and Publishing

This course is designed to instruct students in website construction and design. Students will learn HTML/CSS coding and then be introduced to graphics programs and introductory programming techniques, as well as the multimedia program iMovie.

The course will cover the usage of graphics, sound and video and discuss the appropriateness of multimedia on Web sites for journalism, advertising, public relations, and e-commerce. Students will work on several web projects that will lead to a final multimedia project using WordPress as a content management system.

The goal is to emphasize more than just the skills associated with individual programs, but the integration of several skills into designing effective and attractive websites.

Class Times

Instructor: Sara Shields
Section 09: W 6:30 – 9:20 p.m.
Class Location: OM 212

Contact / Office Hours

Email: sms213@txstate.edu
Office Hours: W 5:30 – 6:20pm
Office Location: 106C (Maker Space)

TA Lab Hours

TA: Sean Smith
Email: sasmith@txstate.edu
Lab Hours: Mon – Thrs
Lab Hours: 2:00pm – 4:00pm
Lab Location: 106A (MiLab)